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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need a consultation?

    Every property and system requirement is different; our engineers need to assess your property thoroughly so as to ensure the systems we install are customised to your needs.
  • I’ve got pets – can I still have an alarm fitted?

    Yes, there are pet friendly detectors which can be fitted on request to accommodate your pets. Please inform our engineers of any pets as this will affect the design of the system.
  • Is there equipment that will work with my home or business aesthetic?

    Our engineers pride themselves installing systems that work for you; if you choose a system that you prefer less “visible” and more aesthetically pleasing we at Elite Security can install such equipment. More “visible” cameras and other security equipment, however, can be an effective deterrent on their own.
  • Can I combine a burglar and fire alarm?

    Yes, integrated systems are available.
  • How do panic alarms work?

    These are connected to a separate circuit on the control panel and can be operated 24 hours per day, reset via a separate key.
  • How will my alarm be triggered if my residence/business is burglarised?

    This will depend on the protection we design for you; however once the system is set and a sensor activated, this will set off the system and where applicable the signaling equipment.
  • What happens if someone tries to tamper with my security system?

    All of the equipment have tamper devices. The system will automatically activate if the equipment is tampered with.
  • Will someone show me how the system works?

    A full demonstration of the system will be given on completion of your security system, and our friendly and knowledgeable engineers will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your system at that time.
  • What do I do If my alarm goes off for no reason?

    Call our emergency service centre; we are available to help you either resolve the problem over the phone or dispatch an engineer.
  • Why do I need my alarm serviced?

    In accordance with regulations systems must be serviced so to ensure the system is fully operational and batteries checked.
  • How do I know If my alarm is going off when I’m not there?

    Multiple solutions exist within our design framework to alert you in the event of your security system being activated, including mobile phone calls and 24/7 monitoring.
  • What do I do if I move?

    Please contact us; we will encourage you to leave the alarm in place and offer a preferential deal at your new home or business. If you are selling your home or commercial space a security system already in place gives your home or business additional value.
Still Have Questions?
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